Media Beach Membership Tiers
Contributor Only Basic Network
24/7 Technical SupportXXX
View Market ListingsXXX
Transaction ReportsXXX
Sell ContentXXX
Buy ContentXX
500GB data transfer
and storage
Video CenterX
Branded Upload PageX
Mobile AppX
Member ManagementX
Annual Membership$250$500$500 + $100 per internal network member**
Subscription Fees
(Software Account)
-$100/month$1200/year per internal network member**
Subscription Fees
(VOD Account*)
Contributor-Only Memberships allow stringers and other professional freelance journalists to post and sell their content on the Media Beach Marketplace. This membership permits users to view non-restricted content listings submitted by other members, but does NOT support the purchase or download of Market content. Full payment of annual membership is required for self-registration.
Basic Memberships give the user full access to the Media Beach Marketplace for both the contribution and purchase of content. Limited to a single concurrent login, these memberships provide a global source for breaking news and potential revenue generation opportunities for small, independent news operations. Full payment of annual membership and a monthly Subscription Fee is required for self-registration.
Network Memberships provide full access to the Media Beach Marketplace, as well as a highly efficient and cost effective enterprise level solution for the secure sharing of content within customer organizations. The Network Membership user interface includes facilities for internal member management, as well as a branded “Video Center” tab – supporting the accelerated exchange of content aggregated from internal members, the Media Beach Mobile App, as well as via a publicly hosted upload page. Full payment of annual membership and the annual Subscription Fee for a single account is required for self-registration.
*VOD option provides a fully integrated hardware/software solution supporting advanced features such as unlimited local multiuser access, live HD/SDI feed exchange, cloud-based transcoding to file format of choice, local video archives, automation and integration with local workflow. Contact Media Beach for pricing details. If VOD option is requested by Member, Member will be charged $3000 per VOD server plus $500 per month subscription fees for a VOD account in addition to their Annual Membership Fees.
**Additional network member fees are charged for added internal network members ($100/internal network member). Self-registered Network accounts will initially be charged $1700 for account creation (Single account). Once Mediabeach has verified your account details, all network management permissions will be unlocked